With personally having over 30 years in the beauty industry, as you can imagine we have been asked a lot of questions.
Also having worked for the “World leaders in natural nail care and beauty” we have accumulated a life time of knowledge.
The questions we get asked time and time again are:

When the cuticle becomes dry it needs a daily application of cuticle cream or oil to soften it. A good product will sit on the skin when it is applied, and not get absorbed into the skin. 

We recommend our Cuticle Kit.

Nails are made of many layers held together by oil and moisture, everyday life exposes our nails to substances that dry out this moisture holding the layers together. This oil is created at the root of the nail, so to treat this we use a product to mimic the oil, and a second product to seal the flaking layers.

We recommend our Strengthen Kit.

The most common cause of nails breaking is using them as tools, don’t scratch off labels or open packages with them, and always protect your hands whilst doing chores. 

To help your nails stay strong, you can use the fine side of an emery board, file from the side to the centre of the nail and leave a small unfiled part at each side to create a bridge to support the nail.

We recommend Mava-Flex Serum which adds oil and moisture to increase flexibility of the nail.

This could be one of the following reasons:

Nails not being completely clean before applying the base coat, make sure to clean the nails with enamel remover and water before application.

A top coat not being used, this will result in enamel chipping off the nail.

Nail enamel too thick, this will result in the enamel not being applied evenly, so cannot dry properly and will peel off the nail. Use thinners to restore enamel.

For these issues we recommend, Mavala 002, Nail Polish remover, and Mavala Thinner.

The cuticle should always be kept soft and well moulded, if not the cuticle adheres to the nail and is pulled forward as the nail grows. To solve this, apply cuticle cream or oil every day, and use a cuticle remover once a week. This should remove the need to use clippers as that results in the skin growing thicker and increasing the problem.

We recommend our Cuticle Kit.

So, out of these “Nail problems” we decided to create “Nail solutions” in the simple form of  “Beauty Kits” everything you need in one box to help resolve your beauty needs. We hope you like and enjoy your products, please do let us know any suggestions or questions you might have about your nails or beauty, contact us and we will answer these questions for you.

We have chosen Mavala as our nail care brand to feature in our Nail beauty kits because in our opinion they are “simply the best”. We feel that we just want to offer you the very best in our beauty kits so when we say this is your solution we know its going to deliver!

Mavala are a Swiss based company that have been developing nail and beauty care for over 60 years, a company that has developed some of the most iconic nail care products in the industry.  

Its a natural nail care company that not only offers one of the most comprehensive colours ranges out there but they are also associated with nature watch and all their products are suitable for vegans.

Nails mavala beauty kits

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Our products are vegan and our boxes are made with 100% recycled material.

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