It’s all about the base…

So what’s the secret to long-lasting colour?
A fabulous base coat but which one? Psst… they all do a different job.

So our top 5 fabulous base coats are…

No.1 002 basecoat – A great allrounder. It protects against chipping and helps against staining.

No.2 Mavastrong – Weak fragile nails? This basecoat strengthens the nail using hydrolysed keratin and arginine, nails get stronger the more you use it!

No.3 Ridge filler – Ridges lines and dents? use this basecoat to fill the lines and smooth appearance of nails before you add your colour.

No.4 Nailshield – Nails that break or tear?  This basecoat has two bottles the first one contains nylon fibres which crisis cross over the nail to protect it, the second bottle smoothes the nail plate to create the perfect surface for your colour. 

No.5 Barrier base – For delicate dry nails or nails that stain this forms a barrier between your colour and your nail giving your nails the ultimate protection.