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Cuticle Remover 5ml Bottle

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Damaged or overgrown cuticles five a neglected appearance to nails, and make nice hands look dull. Our special thixotropic formula softens cuticles, to roll them gently back, and small dead skin on the nail contour to remove it, in one application. Cuticle remover allows your nail to form a neat and uniform nail contour. Use our manicure sticks wrapped in cotton wool to gently roll back cuticles and capture small dead skin to remove.

How to use:
Remove all traces of nail polish. Brush one coat of the cuticle remover on to the nail contour and allow one minute for the product to act. Then gently push back the cuticles by rolling them with a manicure stick, which has been covered with cotton wool. Never use a metal instrument to push back cuticles, as it will damage the nail matrix (root) and cause the nail to grow ridged and dented. Wash your fingers well with soapy water, carefully rinse and dry them before continuing with your manicure.


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