Basic Kit


All of your basic nail products in one handy kit, this consists of:

Blue Nail Polish Remover 100 ml Bottle
Correcteur Pen 4.5 ml
Thinner 10 ml Bottle

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Blue Nail Polish Remover is super effective and quick, this mild nail polish remover is recommended for all types of nails, with the exception of fragile or delicate nails.

Correcteur pen is perfect for an at home manicure that looks like you’ve just walked out of the salon. A felt-tip pen filled with extra mild, acetone free, nail polish remover. In one touch, it removes nail polish smudges on the nail contour, or on the finger tips, to correct any manicure mistakes.

Thinner is used for old dry gloppy nail polish. Simply add a few drops to restores ideal consistency to nail polish and make it easier to apply in thin coats. Two thin coats will last longer compared to one thick coat of nail polish. #Nail Myth Busters, do not add nail polish remover to you colour, this ruins the nail polish and does not thin it consistently.

We hope you enjoy your kit!
Love from the Beauty Kits team xx


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