Nail Shield


NailShield (2 phase) – 2 x 5ml Bottle

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The nail plate is composed of three layers. Naturally, it is the visible outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can be easily damaged by too much sun, cold weather, detergents etc.
Our Nail Shield has a specific formula that has been developed to give nails resistance. It forms a strong physical layer to protect nails from daily tasks and other damaging elements. After being protected from breaking, flaking, and impacts, combined with another treatment such as Scietifique K+ or Nailactan, the nail can then correctly regenerate and strengthen itself.

How to use:
Firstly, apply a coat over the entire clean nail. Leave on to dry for a few minutes, the nylon fibres will then be visible. Secondly apply a coat of sealer and leave on to dry completely. If the surface stays rough you should apply a second coat. Continue with you manicure by applying a nail polish or a top coat only and allow to dry thoroughly.


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