Strengthen Kit


A fabulous kit which includes all the right products which will work together to strengthen the nail.

Mavala Scientifique K+ 2ml Bottle
Mavaderma 5ml Bottle
Mava-Strong 5ml Bottle
3 x Emery Boards

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A fabulous kit which includes all the right products which will work together to strengthen the nail.

In your kit, you will find three treatments to help you achieve strong but flexible nails.

Scientifique K+ is an iconic nail strengthener, the first in Mavalas a range, a treatment product which stops nails from flaking, helps natural keratinization of the nail plate, and bonds the layers together. Use on clean bare nails, apply on the centre of the nail to the tip, avoid touching the cuticles and skin around the nail, leave to penetrate for one minute use once or twice a week and as nails harden decrease usage.

Mava-strong is a fortifying base coat that will carry on the treatment by strengthening as well as being a base coat. Hydrolysed keratin and vitamin E will improve the quality of the nail plate and make your colour last longer. Simply paint on then either leave, or add your colour and top coat.

Mavaderma is an amazing oil which works from within by penetrating the root (matrix) of the nail with amino acids and vitamins, giving your nail all the right ingredients to grow healthy and strong. Use either on bare nails or over polish. Apply and massage into the base of the nail with small circular movements. The oil will absorb thus “feeding” the nail as it grows. Remember your nail takes approximately 12 weeks to grow from the base to the tip, so this won’t give you results overnight and you need to do this daily but the results really are worth it!! The added bonus is your nails will grow quickly as you are also stimulating the blood supply by massaging the root.

Emery boards to help you create the perfect shape, file only one way at a 45-degree angle if you want to do it like the professionals! The reason why? It stops the nail from overheating and splitting.

We hope you enjoy your kit!
Love from the Beauty kits team xx

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